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QOTD: What is the worst airline to Fly?



Richard from Indianapolis, Indiana Asks:

In your opinion, What is the worst airline to Fly as a plus size person?

Let us know your thoughts comment back!

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  1. shewquet says:

    depends i havent been flying in a while so i really cant answer the question.

  2. Karen Kovac says:

    As a travel professional, I say they all kinda make it uncomfortable. My last three flights have been on Southwest and Airtran and USAirways and all had buckles that were a bit roomy. I like that! Hate when I cannot get the darn think buckled with out a complete struggle.
    As for aisle space, SW was pretty tight.

  3. AirTran is the most pathetic excuse for an airline. They need to retire all of those old planes and purchase new ones. And they have the smallest, most uncomfortable seats I have ever sat in.

  4. jomama says:

    Delta or AirTran